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What is on TV

Our TVs mainly have  ESPN or local sports stations on. 


Green Bay Packers Schedule:

August 13 6:30pm at Cleveland Browns (Preseason)

August 19 7:00pm vs. Arizona Cardinals (Preseason)

August 26 7:00pm at Indianapolis Colts (Preseason)

September 1 7:00pm vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Preseason)


September 8 7:30pm vs. New Orleans Saints

September 18 12:00pm at Carolina Panthers

September 25 3:15pm at Chicago Bears

October 2 3:15pm vs. Denver Broncos

October 9 7:20pm at Atlanta Falcons

October 16 12:00pm vs. St. Louis Rams

October 23 3:15pm at Minnesota Vikings


November 6 3:15pm at San Diego Chargers

November 14 7:30pm vs. Minnesota Vikings

November 20 12:00pm vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

November 24 11:30am at Detroit Lions

December 4 3:15pm at New York 

December 12 12:00pm vs. Oakland Raiders

December 18 12:00pm at Kansas City Chiefs

December 25 7:20pm vs. Chicago Bears

January 1 12:00pm vs. Detroit Lions